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"If you don't know how to make the right decision,

you're not a director." ~ George Lucas


A ferocious filmmaker with a balance of graduate level studies in M.F.A in Digital Cinema and numerous practitioner's experiences with directing credits for over 100 music videos, documentaries, feature and short films. A supreme lover of presenting stories from a fresh prospective; giving life and voice to all that he helm's.



"The best editors are the ones who aren’t noticed”


Expert user and educator of Adobe Premiere, Final Cut 7/X and Digidesign Avid. Keen sense of visual beauty and sonic acuity that produces seamless storytelling. Intuitiveness to allow the film to unfold naturally into its own; keeping the director’s vision and the audience's attention captive.




"Innovation comes from the producer, not the customer" ~ W. Edwards Deming


Currently I most often produce documentaries and webseries content.  I have had sucess with Mad Black Men a satarical spin on the AMC hit series.  Plus, I am producing the fan webseries Harley Quinn.  With regards to documentaries I have my hand in the feature length documentary Beatmakers a narrative following several music/beatmakers as they attempt to be crowned the champion of the Miltown Beatdown. In addition I am producing a featue documentary BLK ART which details the Black fine art scene in Milwaukee, WI from 1967 until the 1979.  Producing is the art of balancing business and creatives with the end always in mind.


1345 N. Jefferson St. #700-250

Mke, WI 53202


Mediamaker // Media Educator

Avid // Final Cut Pro // Premiere

Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at AlphaBANG! Collective

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